INSTRUCTIONS & USE AGREEMENT is a totally free service provided by a Pennsylvania genealogist, for the benefit of Pennsylvania genealogists. is a sophisticated collection of resources and links to genealogical resources found in the internet, of interest to anyone doing Pennsylvania-related genealogical research.

Use of is completely free, and imposes no obligations upon the user.  We ask however, that you abide by a few simple caveats.  First, and most important, cannot and does not assume any liability for the consequences of using and/or relying upon the information accessed through this site.  For the great majority of information accessed through, the information is provided by a link to another web site, page or file residing on someone else's system.  We catalog the availability and the location of the information, but for the most part, the information is of someone else's compilation and presentation.  Just because you find some piece of genealogical information through your computer, does not assure that it is accurate or reliable.  You must always exercise good research habits in verifying and authenticating any information before accepting it as absolutely correct, or realize and accept the inherent potential for error and mistake in the research process.

Sites that you can link to on will generally appear within the main web site frame page (the one that you see in your browser upon first accessing this site).  This does not mean that the information is coming from or provided by, only that the link is appearing in our frame window.  In many instances, the link to the page will be followed by a "Source" link, which will take you to the main/home page within which that page is located.  Use the source link to explore the entire site containing that page.  To "escape" the frame window, and open a completely new full-page window for the link that you're following: in Netscape Navigator, click your right mouse button, and select "Open Frame in New Window."  To return to, click on your browser's <Back> button.  In Internet Explorer, well...if you figure that out, let me know and I'll include it here.

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