A Few Words About PAfamily.net:

Thank you for taking the time to visit PAfamily.net, the "One Stop for Pennsylvania Genealogists" on the internet.  At PAfamily.net, you can access all the resources of the internet relevant to doing Pennsylvania genealogical research in one convenient location.

In creating PAfamily.net, I have attempted to gather together everything possible of interest and help to those researching Pennsylvania genealogy, including primary and secondary sources, and ancillary materials (e.g., historical), of use to genealogists seeking to gain the big picture.  Each link is extensively referenced within a common sense selection of categories, representing the types of resources which genealogists typically look to.  While the site is fairly well organized at this time, improvement is always possible, and it will be constantly revised, verified and reorganized as necessary.

Your input is needed to help make PAfamily.net the best it could be.  Your suggestions are heartily welcomed...as are your materials.  If you have any Pennsylvania materials of general interest, consider giving them a home here.  Be it a cemetery listing, collected obituaries, wills, land records, marriage or death records...whatever.  Let me know what you have, and if suited for inclusion, space will be made available for its posting here.  Likewise, if you find any of the links listed here to be incorrect, changed or defunct, please let me know right away, so I can make the appropriate changes.  Before listing any link, I have verified that it is reachable (at least) at the time it was added; but things on the internet tend to be very "fluid," and any link can change or disappear at a moment's notice.  With your help, we can keep this site as current as possible.

Finally, I'd love to hear from you with your thoughts about this site, genealogy or the internet as a genealogical tool.  The year 2000 on the internet is a great place to be for genealogist!

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, PAfamily.net is under development.  During this period, thousands of links, in numerous categories are being added to the site, as quickly as we can.  As this is a volunteer effort, please be patient, as this site becomes all that it can be!

Sean Robins.

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Using PAfamily.net

A few quick hints and tips about using PAfamily.net ... and some recent changes!

Recently, I decided to make some very minor, though important changes to the structure of the site.  Here are a few tips and hints about using PAfamily.net effectively, and to better understand and better use what is presented here:

What is PAfamily.net?  PAfamily.net is, first and foremost, a collection of links to genealogy web sites and pages that contain, are related to or are of use in doing Pennsylvania genealogy.  Unless specifically stated otherwise, when you click on a link, you are going to someone else's web site.

Whose data is it anyway?  Again, when you click on a link, you are (probably) going to someone else's web site, and it is their creation, and their data that you will be viewing.  Any specifics about the creation and ownership of that information will be found on that web site, not here.  We only provide links!  Unless specifically stated otherwise, PAfamily.net claims no rights to or interest in any of the web sites, pages or information for which links are provided.

What does "Source" mean?  Each link to material on another site includes an additional link labelled as "Source."  This represents the main or home page link for the page upon which the information listed resides.  This gives you an easy link to the home page of the site in question.  In addition, "Source" also give you some information as to the provider of the link in question.  Check both links to be sure you can correctly determine the author or provider of the data.

To frame or not to frame...  PAfamily.net is designed around the concept of frames...the division of your browser screen into several separate windows.  This is very effective in organizing and presenting a lot of information or links.  But many have become confused when linking to another site listed here.  Formerly, the end link would appear in the main frame window (where you are reading this right now), and some believed, because of this, that they were still on this site, rather than someone else's site.  I've now changed this feature so that, for the most part, when you are sent to another site by clicking on a link, you are "freed" from the frames on this site, and the new site appears full-frame in your browser.  At that point, you can still click on your <Back> button, and return to where you came from on PAfamily.net.

Is PAfamily.net a commercial or non-commercial site?  Without question, PAfamily.net is a not-for-profit web site.  It is a volunteer effort, supported in time, money and effort, by myself.  No profit is sought, nor is any profit made.  There is a limited selection of advertisers (or sponsors) here, in the hopes that some small revenues (not profits) can be generated, solely for the purpose of recouping the not-insubstantial cost of running this site.  And none of those ads are shoved down your throat.  You don't see them until and unless you want to.  (Experience shows, unfortunately, that these ads will not raise anything near the operating costs.)  So, if you are so inclined, check out our sponsor page, and books-for-sale page, from time to time.

Searching PAfamily.net.  Click on the Search Site link to access our site search engine.  You can easily find the occurrence of any word or words appearing on any of the more than 1,000 pages here on PAfamily.net.  Just go the the search engine, and follow the instructions.  (Note: This search is only of the contents of our pages, and will not search the content of any of the pages for which we have provided links.)

If you have any further questions that have not been answered here or anywhere else on the site, please feel free to e-mail me, and I will be happy to promptly respond to your questions.  Thank you for visiting PAfamily.net.  . . .  Sean Robins[6/24/00]


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